Tamburlaine Wines Privacy Statement
  • Tamburlaine Wines will abide by the National Privacy Principles, as described in the Australian Privacy Amendment Act (Private Sector) 2000.

  • Our company policy and staff are committed to protecting your privacy and to securing any information about you we hold. We will store and use the information securely, with regular reviews of our security. We will vigorously pursue any breaches of security using all appropriate means, including legal action if necessary.

  • We will only collect & hold information that you voluntarily provide to us; e.g. in the course of becoming a Tamburlaine Winery Member, or by purchasing our products or participating in our services. The type of information we collect are; name, address, contact (phones, fax, email), credit card details where provided by you for renewal of your membership and Tamburlaine purchasing information.

  • We will only use this information to provide you with the best possible service. We may use the contact information you provide to make offers to you, or to update you on the winery. You may, at any time request to opt out of such contacts by phoning 1800 659 956 (Systems Manager) or by writing to us at: Tamburlaine Wines (Privacy), 358 McDonalds Rd POKOLBIN NSW 2321.

  • We will make the information we hold available for you to check and update or correct as necessary. The information may be viewed online using password and username access, or by phoning us on 1800 659 956, or we will send your information by mail if requested. We will also, as a regular part of our business, check the accuracy of your information with you and update where necessary.

  • We will not sell or pass the information to any other parties, except in the case of a legitimate request by government or law enforcement agencies.

  • If you have any enquiries, comments or complaints regarding the Tamburlaine Privacy Statement, please call 1800 659 956 or email

  • Tamburlaine wines undertakes to resolve any complaint in the shortest possible time, using any appropriate means, such as adjudication or legal advice/action. Complaints will be recorded, as will the decisions and actions regarding their settlement. Complaints regarding breaches of your privacy may also be directed to the Privacy Commissioner, GPO Box 5218 SYDNEY NSW 1042

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